Canadians born before 1981 will have a great year!

If you are a Canadian born before 1981 this will be a great year for you. Why do you think this is? Well here at Cheap VIP we've teamed up with leading financial experts in Canada to bring you the top three financial tips that can set you financially free this year!

1) Know you expenses

Know exactly what is going in and our of your bank account. Write a list of everything. No matter how small. You will soon see things like take out, coffee, netflix, etc takes up a big chunk of your expenses. You can eliminate some of these after following the next two steps. Just write your list for now.

2) Create a budget

Everyone says they're on a budget but do they have a physical budget they have created? Stats show the majority of Canadians are just winging it, with no set structure when it comes to a budget. So we implore you to limit how much you spend on certain things and replace them with better options. Do you need to spend $5 on a coffee every day? Or can you buy some takeout cups and make your own at home before leaving for work? Shopping around for cable and internet providers can save you thousands every year!

3) Get rid of debt

Seems simple, but so many neglect this tip. You credit card interest is eating a lot of your expenses. Spend a weekend afternoon calling your credit card companies for their interest rates and start with the highest and pay it off in full. Even better, look at no or low interest rate balance transfer cards. Once you have paid off your credit cards, you can start saving and become financially free!

If you enjoyed these tips please look below at the full guide of Spend or Save for Canadians compiled by our list of experts. We are currently offering a free no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee so get on this while you can. We promise you won't regret it!